June ’17

It’s officially summer and I’m excited for it! :-) Here’s what bits were my favourite last month.

Eating fancy eclairs in Ukkel
Going to the zoo
Hosting my parents for brunch and using the edible flowers from our garden
The blue sky on our walk along the beach
Home made iced tea
Riding a tandem bike for the first time 
Having the privilege of seeing the view over Leuven from the tiny balcony at our office
Seeing the sun set with the one I love
Eating birthday cake
A first run
Meeting Kaatje at the Kaaitheater cafe
Having biscuit cake with Sophie after work
Seeing the man on the right taking a snooze because why not?
Coming into the office on Monday and seeing this
Discovering the hidden gems in the beguinage in Diest
Enjoying the gallery when it’s not too crowded
Catching this photo (with my phone!) and absolutely loving how color-coordinated these two are. This is my favourite photo of the month



The Art of Choosing

“Choosing is losing.” It’s what I always presumed to be the truth. A truth that seemed to be reaffirmed by the fast-track society we live in nowadays. We are confronted with decision-making daily, all in order to achieve a richer life, where “more” equals “better”. From the clothes we wear tot he things we eat and the programs we decide to watch on TV, choosing has become an identity determining full-time job. And as if this decision-making isn’t arduous enough, society expects us to do it fast. There is no room for doubt or reconsideration; we’d have to decide yesterday rather than today. This leaves us bewildered as to whether there are still choices to make at all. Really, hasn’t the decision been made for us?

Careful consideration has become an ancient concept that people no longer choose to apply. Society expects us to know precisely what we want and who we would like to become, yet many of us are left behind, clueless. There is no time to be unsure or cautious because time is money. If we don’t make up our mind soon enough, we are left behind, doomed to become the outcasts of our society and communities.

Don’t get me wrong, having choice is a luxury, but when both ends of the choosing feel like losing, with FOMO chasing us down every path we choose to take, it often doesn’t feel like it. So, society tells us: choosing is losing. I used to be the person afraid to miss out everywhere. I’d want to be at different places at the same time. I’d want to meet different people at the same time. All this to the point where I’d be unhappy either way.

What I’ve realised is that it is not, though. When fruit famers grow fruit, they choose which branches to keep and let go of other pieces in order to maintain the quality of those that they chose to keep. To choose one thing and lose another means knowing what you want. It’s choosing quality over quantity. It’s choosing time over money. It’s choosing happiness over resurfacing doubt. Sometimes saying no to someone means saying yes to yourself. So choosing isn’t losing, it’s winning.

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 10.38.24


January ’16

Due to lack of time (because I’m still in Scotland), this month, you get the uncut, unedited version of all the pictures. Enjoy!

Nieuwjaarcollage 2

Starting off the year with my fabulous girlfriends and their boyfriends. 



Playing games with Mum on the very first day of the new year


Yet another visit to IKEA. 

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Finding out that my grandma loves the mug I got her when I returned from Sweden (it says Mormor, which means grandma) she nearly got a heart attack when she dropped it. It was fine. And so was she. Thank god.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Finding Vegemite in my local supermarket. Life will never be the same again.
It will be better.


Finding love in unexpected places. And also, I really love marzipan.


Getting a haircut. Blonder. Shorter. Crazier?


The first snow and my mum spying on the neighbours (just kidding. Or am I?)


Baking jam drops, that, when I see them now, look a lot like boobs. Just sayin’

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Mid-exam break with some fika and friends


My grandma’s cacti bathing in the sun whilst it’s snowing outside.


Winning at Scrabble :)



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Starting to run and smoothies. Best combo.


Family dinner in Leuven


Buying flowers. Or just seeing flowers.


Finding old photos of all the exchanges students from the Humanities department in Sweden. Who can spot me?


My dad can be hilarious sometimes. Unintentionally.


Leaving for Edinburgh, Scotland.