Brussel – tram 92

Ik kijk naar buiten en zie de wereld aan mij voorbijgaan. Letterlijk. De gebouwen schuiven van links naar rechts. Paleizen, dronkemanshuisjes, bakkerszaken, kleine kruidenierswinkels, gigantische herenhuizen. De stad is van iedereen. Mijn ogen voelen zwaar, en als ik niet oplet knijp ik de gebouwen plat tot spleetjes. Er wordt in mijn arm gepord. Een klein vingertje duwt putjes in mijn arm. Twee kleine grote bruine ogen turen me aan. “Tu sais parler?” Of ik praten kan. Het meisje heeft wat weg van een indiaantje, met haar twee vlechtjes en roze bolle wangetjes. Ze kirt van opwinding. “Tu sais parleeeer?”, vraagt ze opnieuw, deze keer met nadruk, en ze blijft me met nieuwsgierige ogen aankijken. “Oui” is alles dat ik uitkraam. Mijn Frans is niet zo goed. En toch, ja, ik kan praten. Als ik kon zou ik een grapje maken, maar mijn glimlach en éénwoordig antwoord lijken voldoende. De twee vlechtjes zijn tevreden. Ze port haar broertje aan, voor wie het niet zoveel lijkt uit te maken of ik dan wel kan praten of niet. Maar wanneer het meisje met de vlechtjes bevestigend knikt naar de jongen en zegt “Elle sait parler”, glimlacht hij stilletjes en opgelucht. Ik kan praten, en toch kijk ik soms liever de kat uit de boom. Ik observeer, leer mensen kennen voor ze weten wie ik ben. Ik zwijg en luister. En soms word je dan al snel “die stille”, ofzoiets gelabeld. Maar ik kan praten. Ik gebruik mijn woorden zuinig, ik verspil geen zuurstof . Ondertussen raast de tram verder, en duikt hij de grond in. Het wordt donker. Door het raam zie ik nog net een ander metrostel. Het stijgt op. Of zo lijkt het toch, want in de donker zijn de sporen en de lucht nauwelijks te onderscheiden. Alleen het metrostel steekt felgeel af. Even waan ik me in een scene uit Harry Potter. Ik glimlach. Ik kan praten, maar soms doe ik dat gewoon liever op papier.  Mali Fisher
















© Illustration: Mali Fischer






If there’s one thing you should know about me, or perhaps you already do, it’s that I adore discovering places that are perfect for fika, a moment in our busy week where we take time to catch up and talk, have a good coffee and have an even more heavenly bit of sweet cake. I’d say me and my boyfriend do this once a week, and really, it is my favourite thing in the whole world. Obviously, I don’t want to deprive anyone of the cozy and delicious places that I have found myself, hence I set up a blog category called #HOTSPOT.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Chouconut, a place that describes itself as a tea salon and patisserie.  The name pretty much says it all, it’s a bakery that combines chous (soesjes), cookies and donuts. Their sweets are best had shared, because that way you can try different flavours. They are exquisite! And the whipped cream you get on your nose, that’s just something you have to deal with. It’s part of the fun. :-)

Where? Chouconut is only a few steps away from the metro/tram stop ‘Hallepoort/Porte de Hal’ in Sint-Gillis, Brussels, so very easy to get to. There’s a couple of cool shops on that same street too.

When?  Chouconut is open Tuesday-Thursday from 10am to 6.30pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 6.30pm. It’s closed Mondays and Fridays.



When the weather is nice (read: when it’s not raining), we like to spend most of our time outdoors. Today we spent the morning at the Hallerbos, the Blue Forest. Around this time of year (next week actually), the forest becomes enchanting with the blooming of the blue, purple bluebells covering and colouring the surface. To beat the crowds, we went a little bit “too early” with some of the bluebells still closed. Nevertheless, a ‘would recommend’ forest. I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

DSC_0408 copy

DSC_0417 copy

DSC_0441 copy

DSC_0497 copy

DSC_0498 copy

DSC_0505 copy

DSC_0477 copy

DSC_0483 copy

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October ’16

Things I’ve loved this month…

This month’s favourite hairdo. The advantages of growing my hair to donate it is having more hairdo options. 
Finally trying this Balls&Glory thing and realising it is actually pretty glorious indeed
Kroketje uit de muur
Forest walks in Tervuren
The cutest (and most deliciously nutritious) breakfast in Eindhoven
The sky on a very very very very very early Monday morning in Bruges’ train station
Trying to take a photo of a ladybug and accidentally catching it in its great escape
Fall colours
Hearing one of my favourite authors discuss his new book and the process of writing 
And getting him to sign my book!
This rainbow to introduce the weekend
Finishing a first drawing in Illustrator. Proud moment.
Slowly falling in love with Brussels
Taking some time to relax and have a nice cuppa tea
Fresh flowers and the sunlight that hits them perfectly as I wake up
Donuts in delicious flavours at COCO Donuts Brussels and coming up with a new category for my blog: #HOTSPOT
Dressing up as 99 Luftballons for a housewarming party
Making a real life instagram wall at home with pictures that I took during travels
Red lipstick and Sunday walks to the book and flower market in Ghent
Another day, another book market, this time with an even nicer view and a sunnier day

Until next month,



Recently, I’ve been to so many new places, tried so many different new restaurants and cafés that I feel I need to share my favourite ones with you. In this new category on my blog I will tell you all about the what, where and why of what I feel is a #hotspot. No weekly promises, just whenever and whatever I feel is worth sharing with you guys. Enjoy, and make sure to let me know if you end up going to one of those places.

First up is Coco Donuts in Brussels. Coco Donuts is a small but cozy donut shop run by Chloé and Candice that sell, well, you guessed it, donuts. If that’s not reason enough on its own to visit, let me tell you about the flavours that they sell. There were so many different kinds to choose from I nearly had an identity crisis picking one. Needless to say, we ended up picking three: Cuberdon (the best!), Oreo and White Chocolate. All equally delicious. Just visit their website if you need more convincing.

An extra plus is that you can order Coco Donuts online (and pick them up from the store) or via Deliveroo in Brussels, or you can simply visit one of the many museums at Mont des Arts and hop in for a donut afterwards.

COCO Donuts can be found on Rue Saint Anne 36 and they are open Wednesday through to Sunday from 10.30am to 7pm (or until all donuts are gone).